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Jumping on the Blog Wagon

I have started this blog as an assignment for my Advanced Public Relations Writing course at the University of Oregon with professor Kelli Matthews. I will be graduating this spring with a major in journalism/public relations and a minor in theatre arts.

Allen Hall, University of Oregon

My aim is to focus this blog on insights and information that I learn through my PR coursework and keep up with other PR related blogs. Also, I want to explore the theatre blogosphere and search for posts that intrigue and inspire me.

I wanted my first post to tell a little bit about myself. I decided to compile a list of the top 5 things I couldn’t live without:

  1. Family: I am a triplet. My sister is a senior at the University of Oregon too, and my brother plays tennis for Santa Clara University in northern California. I also have a little sister who is a junior in high school.
  2. Daily planner: It is filled with meetings, rehearsal times, sorority events and class assignments. It keeps my busy days organized.
  3. Theatre: Watching plays/ acting in plays/ reading plays, I love it all. I can’t wait for the Academy Awards on February 22nd.
  4. Friends: Always inspiring, never boring and fabulous.
  5. Buddy: My family dog, who is the most adorable golden retriever on the planet.

I can’t wait to get my blog rolling and learn more about social media through this process. Thanks for stopping by!


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