Goodbye Gossip Magazines, Hello Twitter Accounts!

twitter-logoYou know when you learn a new word? The kind of word that you never noticed, and then one day you learn its definition, and the word seems to be ubiquitous? (Confession: “ubiquitous” was one of those words for me). This is how I feel about Twitter. Twitter is a “micro blogging” service that lets you say whatever you want in no more than 140 characters. Until recently, I was in the dark about Twitter. Now, I can’t seem to escape it. Twitter users are increasing everyday, and some of them are quite famous.


The other day I came across a post from E!Online, which complained that celebrities were using Twitter to “clog our homepage.”

While I agree that excessive, pointless updates are irritating, there is a simple solution: stop following the offender. I think Twitter is a great tool for celebrities because it lets them control their image. While gossip magazines are on the constant hunt for celebrities’ perfect photos or statements, Twitter is one step ahead. Twitter gives celebrities the opportunity to post their perfect photo or their perfect statement.

I predict that in the future more high-profile people will use Twitter as a form of personal PR. It’s an easy way to let people know what you are doing and what interests you. There are no frills and certainly no rambling phrases. Twitter forces communication to be concentrated, to the point, and brief, which are three elements I look for in a gossip magazine.

As I have started to pull more and more of my news from Twitter posts, I have neglected other news sites, such as CNN and Newser. This is because they have Twitter pages! I used to scan the latest gossip magazines for celebrity updates, but now I can get them from Twitter, and the updates are directly from the person (well, most of the time).

Here is list of some famous Twitter users that I found amusing:

Lance Armstrong

Jimmy Fallon

Britney Spears

Rainn Wilson

Demi Moore

MC Hammer
He really is too legit to quit. MC Hammer has made an impressive comeback using social media tools. Check out this blog post titled, “How MC Hammer went from caricature to human being-the social media story.”

Questions: Who are you following on Twitter? Have you found your favorite stars? Do you like the way they use Twitter?



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4 responses to “Goodbye Gossip Magazines, Hello Twitter Accounts!

  1. While I agree that twitter can be a cool tool for celebs to control their image, I have two main concerns. One is when the celeb actually causes negative press, such as Ashton Kutcher: The other thing I would worry about are fake twitter accounts that people think are legitimate. Example: The Dalai Lama:

    • madelinehicks

      Hi Hannah. First of all, thank you for being the first person to comment on my blog! I too am skeptical of many celebrity Twitter accounts. I hope that fake Twitter accounts will phase out as the site’s popularity continues to rise. Similar to how bloggers police the blogosphere, I think the same will eventually be true for Twitter. If not, hello gossip magazines!

  2. rhickok

    I think my favorite depiction of “gossip tweets” was at the beginning of this NY Times article: I also feel like Tweeting fits in more with today’s demand for instantaneous information; while gossip magazines are published at MOST once a month, Twitter allowing for more personalized information while it’s occurring. What more could you ask for!

  3. madelinehicks

    Hi Ruth,
    Thanks so much for reading my post and your great feedback! That NY times article was great. “Gossip tweets” is a perfect word for celebrity tweets. I will be on Twitter tonight to see all of the Academy Award updates. I can’t wait!

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