Button Magazine Breaks into Portland’s Hipster Scene


I just landed the opportunity to work with an amazing client through my new internship with Allen Hall Public Relations (AHPR), the student-run PR agency at the University of Oregon: Button Magazine. My account team and I had the chance to pour over the magazine’s press kit before Button magazine’s launch on March 30, 2009. Here are some of the highlights:


Button magazine will inform, answer to, and entertain the unique, twenty-something Portland hipster demographic. Button promises to provide exclusive articles on music, fashion, and sex/relationships, accurate facts, a well-balanced tone, and original photography from various local contributors and sources.


Portland, Oregon is a booming metropolis, and while it has always had its native hipsters—currently, the scene is bigger than ever. Twenty-somethings are flooding the scene in search of indie bands, fashionable moccasins, and Vespa dealers. Portland is a highly innovative city in the nation in terms of music, fashion, art, character and community. Button magazine will inform, answer to, and entertain one of the largest populations in Portland.


Fashion. With Portlander Leann Marshall winning season five of Bravo’s Project Runway, Portland fashion is making a name for itself on a national level. The many boutiques that line the streets of Portland’s popular districts offer one-of-a-kind frocks and the latest trends.

Music. TripAdvisor.com has named Portland one of the “Top Ten Alternative/ Indie Music Cities in the World,” and now it has recently become a great debate of whether or not Portland has overtaken Seattle as the indie rock music “Mecca of America.”

Sex. Portlanders are known to embrace feeling good in their own skin. Moreover, between the ages of 18 and 31, hormones are still raging. Men and women at this age are serial daters and relationship regulars. Bars are used more as a flirting fishpond than an actual drinking hangout. Portlanders are sexy, sassy, single and ready to mingle.


Brittany McGrath is a Portland native and University of Oregon graduate. She has previously worked for Lucky magazine in New York City, Surface magazine in San Francisco, Intentionally Urban and Wend magazines in Portland, Oregon, and Flux magazine at the University of Oregon.

Button magazine is a bi-monthly publication and will be available in print and online. I will be posting more information about Button magazine as the first issue nears publication.

Twitter account coming soon!



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7 responses to “Button Magazine Breaks into Portland’s Hipster Scene

  1. madelinehicks

    Hi! I updated this post because the magazine formerly known as “Clutch” is now “Button” magazine. All of the magazine’s content is the same. The only difference is a new name. Check here for updates on Portland’s “Button” magazine. More information coming soon!

  2. Disgruntled

    Calling some thing “hipster” sucks the uniqueness out of it. I hope this weak rag fails.

    “Button defines an awesome rock band, an amazing performance, a sick pair of sneakers, or a cool tapas bar.”

    Are you fucking kidding me. Stop the MTVing of Portland.

  3. madelinehicks

    Dear Disgruntled,
    So sorry you feel that way. Luckily, you’re in the minority and Button is looking forward to a successful launch and a stellar future in Portland. We hope when the mag is out, you’ll take a look and maybe change your mind. The content is authentically Portland, our publisher is from Portland and we will showcase what’s unique about this city. Thanks for stopping by,

  4. willradik

    Why, I am sitting around in my moccasins right now, awaiting the release of this new publication with high anticipation! My twenty-something hipster friends will be sure to enjoy it, too!

  5. Very cool, very cool. Just found this thru google, heard great things about the launch party from the folk i’ve heard from. Disgruntled, you say “MTVing” so loosely, like (ANYANDEVERY)culture is not something that

    a. has already been commodified for generations and
    b. is worthwhile, and fun, to write about, read about, and partake in


    • madelinehicks

      Hi, thanks so much for reading my post on Button Magazine. The launch was a huge hit. I really appreciate your feedback. Cheers!

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