The 81st Annual Academy Awards Lights up the Internet

81st_pittb_joliea_01The red carpet, the movie stars, the acceptance speeches, the glitz and the glam. Ah, I love the Academy Awards. I have watched the Oscars wide-eyed and slightly envious for as long as I can remember. Someday, if my ideal life pans out, I’ll watch the show sitting in the audience at the Kodak Theatre in L.A. But in the meantime, like millions of other viewers, I have gotten my Oscar fix from the live television broadcast on ABC. This year, however, it was different. I not only watched the event on TV, but I also tuned into the event via the Internet.

The 2009 Oscars were covered on blogs, Twitter feeds and countless other websites. Here is a list of some of my favorite sites from Sunday night:


Twitter: I typed “#oscars” and found countless updates. People were twittering like crazy on this site. There was commentary on winners/losers, dresses and the overall event.

Celebuzz: This site provided amazing red carpet pictures with great zooming capabilities.

The Official Oscars Message Board: From Ben Stiller’s impersonation of Joaquin Phoenix to Hugh Jackman’s opening musical number, this message board offered funny commentary throughout the show.

Perez Hilton: Never one to disappoint on the celebrity gossip front, Perez Hilton has some excellent photos and quips from Oscar night.

I think this year’s coverage on the Academy Awards really proved that the Internet and social media tools are playing a huge role in the way people share information, opinions, pictures and ideas. Using Twitter I could read what other people thought about the event; looking at celebuzz I could see Oscar pictures that I would have otherwise not seen until I purchased the latest People magazine or US Weekly; and reading posts on blogs and message boards gave me new insight and quite a few laughs. Already, I can’t wait for next year’s show. I predict that the Internet will play an even larger role, and I can’t wait to be involved in the discussion!



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2 responses to “The 81st Annual Academy Awards Lights up the Internet

  1. amandaip


    I was unable to watch the Oscars this year, boyfriend’s house lacks cable, and yet I still feel as though I was in front of the television set, or better yet, right in the audience! I was able to type in “dresses for Oscars 2009” and immediately found photos of the Oscar gowns of Times Online just after the start of the show. I read the #oscars updates and knew exactly when each award was up and who won! I think it goes to show how much communication is changing and how the way in which we share information is changing! I agree that social media will continue to play a bigger role! Thanks for sharing!

  2. madelinehicks

    Hi Amanda,
    Thank you so much for your feedback. This year was the first year I had my computer open while watching the Oscars, and I think I’ll do it again next year. I also typed in “dresses for Oscars 2009” and loved what I found.

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