Narrowing the Focus


Each week as I stare at my computer screen and think of a topic for my latest blog post, I have a moment of doubt. Will my post be good, funny, interesting, or relevant? A million ideas are running through my head at any given time, so it’s so hard for me to pick just one idea and blog about it.

Luckily, the other day, I was thrilled to come across PR and social media pro Chris Brogan’s blog post titled, “Build Blog Posts Like Building Blocks.” His advice was invaluable. I loved this quote:

“One such way to think of your blogging is by considering each post a building block to something larger, instead of just loose pages of thought.”

Suddenly, a light went on in my brain. My blog will be more focused, centered and (hopefully) useful to readers if each post builds from the previous one, or at least builds from a recent post.

To make sure this idea was foolproof, I racked my brain and listed the blogs that I visit most often. I noticed that my favorite blogs have a distinct and clear focus and many of the posts are connected. Here is a brief sampling of some of the blogs I read on a consistent basis. Notice that many of the posts are like building blocks, building upon the previous one.

Public Relations

PRos in Training: Written by my PR teacher Kelli Matthews. It offers tons of useful information on PR and social media that is useful for students, PR newbies and PR professionals.

if i knew all the words: From University of Oregon graduate, Staci Stringer. As a new PR professional, she gives great advice about the “real world” and her experience in PR.

PR Squared: Written by Todd Defren, a principal at SHIFT Communications and author of the must-read guide on social media, “Brink.”


The Theater Loop: Provides wonderful reviews and updates from Chicago’s lively theatre scene.

Portland Center Stage: A native Portlander, I’m always curious to see what’s showing at Portland Center Stage.


go fug yourself: Posts the latest celebrity fashion faux pas and red carpet catastrophes.

TMZ: Full of celebrity and entertainment news.

Looking at some of my favorite blogs prompted me to take a closer look at my personal blog and my potential audience. I realized I needed to make some changes. First I knew I had to ditch the old blog title and customize it to reflect the theme of my blog. I scrolled through my latest posts and saw that many of them were PR and entertainment related. A friend and fellow University of Oregon journalism student Regin Daniels helped me to come up with my new blog title, “A Play on Words.” My goal for this blog is to take Brogan’s advice to heart and write posts that can potentially build off of each other.

How do you focus your blog? Do you approach it from a specific angle? Do you write your posts with a specific audience/demographic in mind? As a blogging newbie, I welcome any thoughts, ideas or comments on this topic. Thanks for stopping by!


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