Hi, I’m Madeline Hicks. I’m a senior at the University of Oregon. This is my first attempt at breaking into the world of social media.

I will be graduating this spring with a major in journalism/public relations and a minor in theatre arts. I am a fifth generation Oregonian, and I love the west coast.

I studied abroad in Angers, France this summer and had the time of my life. When I arrived my vocabulary consisted of “oui” and “bonjour.” The experience taught me that communication is deeper than merely language and that jumping out of one’s comfort zone is incredibly rewarding and life-changing.

Although I’m trying to soak up every last minute of being a college student, I am very excited for this next phase in my life. My parents call it “the real world.” I eagerly welcome any tips/advice/thoughts on the transition from student to professional.

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” -Bette Midler


3 responses to “About

  1. Dave Hicks

    This website is very professionally done. Good work Maddy.

  2. Randomly stumbled on to this site via your twitter account (you have a lot of followers…how did you do that?). This is really impressive! Great work.

    • madelinehicks

      Hi Kellen!
      I started off the blog and Twitter for my PR writing class at UO. As you can tell, I haven’t blogged in forever! I started to follow a lot of PR people and theater people on Twitter, and luckily a lot of them followed me back. My teacher, Kelli Matthews, is super savvy with social media. You should check out her Twitter followers. CRAZY!
      So glad you stopped by my blog! I will try to write one soon. Hope all is well and wild in the Windy City!

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