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Be PRepared

pen-on-paperFor me, it’s a recurring nightmare: I show up in class unprepared and the professor calls on me. My face burns red, my mouth goes dry and my hands begin to tremble. Although I despise this nightmare, I am also grateful for it, because it motivates me to finish my assignments before class. I also dread the awkward silence that falls upon a class when the professor asks a question and no one responds. It’s the kind of silence that is deafening, loud with racing minds and fidgeting fingers.

I recently read a post by Leo Bottary (a PR professional for over 25 years) that reminded me of the importance of preparation. His story highlights the value of preparation in the workplace. As a senior in college, about to interview for jobs, his story is insightful and motivating.

Background: In his early twenties, Bottary worked for an agency that was one of seven other agencies interviewing for a prospective client. Before the interview, Bottary and four of his fellow employees complied 500 pages of research on the company and the industry. Their research made them an instant stand-out at the interview and ultimately landed Bottary’s agency a seven figure account.

Although it seems like common sense to know a bit about the company you are working with, Bottary’s success story proves that going the extra mile in terms of researching the client pays off (literally).

Best piece of advice:

By asking questions that are above the basic and beyond the obvious, you’ll save time, impress your client, and leave the meeting with the kind of insights that will help you craft truly outstanding PR recommendations.” -Leo Bottary

Three blog posts that focus on tips/advice for young PR professionals:

1. Six Suggestions to the Young PR Professional

From Rick Liebling, the Global Director, Client Management, for Taylor, a PR agency with offices in NY, LA, London, Chicago and Charlotte.

2. What I Want PR and Marketing Professionals to Know

From Chris Brogan, President of New Marketing Labs and a 10 year veteran of using social media. He has 41,030 followers on Twitter!!!

3. Wait! That’s Not Me (As Seen on Google)

From University of Oregon PR student, Amanda Ip. Gives tips on how to provide a digital footprint that’s really you.


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